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SEDDIK Benchelef Algeria DZ Observer (17 days 21 hours ago)

تحيا فـلـسـطـيـ ن

Mathue PL Observer (18 days 3 hours ago)

Free Palestine

ARENDAchoida RU Observer (18 days 7 hours ago)

Мы готовы предостави ть в данном салоне красоты кабинеты для мастеров по нараживани ю ресниц. Здесь все оборудован ие инновацион ное, кабинеты с только после ремонта. В территориа льной близости от торгового центра. Модернизир ованный ремонт, перепланир ование непосредст венно под личные дела! Произведен ы все требуемые условия для многофункц ионального заезда легкового автотрансп орта. Все кабинеты рассчитаны на 3-4 функционал ьных зон для людей разных профессий, которые обязательн о будут у нас работать. Это совсем новый бизнес-про

The Lord of the Universe God MX Observer (19 days 16 hours ago)

The Lord of the Universe God Lives in Zionist Israel Religious Freedom, Tolerance, Coexistence, Love **** this is Zionist Israel, -***** The Land where God Lives, Want to live Happy, Free in Zionist Israel? Be a Law Abiding Citizen, Crystal Clear God ask nothing Else

just the facts GB Observer (19 days 22 hours ago)

History and archeology have provided irrefutable proof that the referenced land was the nation of Israel. The name Palestine was invented by the Romans to replace the name Israel after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The change of name does not change the FACT that the land was originally Israel and shall always remain the land belonging to the Jewish nation of Israel. There was never a sovereign nation called Palestine in all of recorded history and that’s a verified FACT.

Bolaji Observer (20 days 4 hours ago)

God is not a confusionist. Israel stand forever and Jerusalem its capital. The tribes you see in the Bible and Quran, telling you that truth will stand till eternity, no alteration.

Abigael Yetunde Kusebiala NG Observer (20 days 6 hours ago)

Israel as a nation is God's first born and Jerusalem is Biblically proven as her capital. Whoever contend with her contend with God at his/her own peril, the fight is of the Lord, He has never lost a battle.

Curly I agree with Oluwarde Observer (20 days 9 hours ago)


Oluwadare NG Observer (20 days 21 hours ago)

God has established His people Isreal and no one can shake them. Its a convenat

DonaldEscok RU Observer (20 days 22 hours ago)

Внешний облик Вашего дома, дачи или коттеджа буквально преобразит ся, если вы выберете качественн ые панели для отделки. Любое жилое пространст во приобретет по-настоящ

Bernard Whekpe Observer (21 days 11 hours ago)

Israel has the promised of God concerning the land through their father Abraham,

Your Kids being indoctrinated GB Observer (22 days 3 hours ago)

A New Jersey mother is suing officials and teachers in her son’s school charging that 7th-grade students were subjected to Islamist propaganda and explicit calls to convert to Islam. No other religion was being taught to their children except for Islam. The Chatham Middle School, claims the students’ First Amendment rights (freedom of religion and separation of religion and state) were violated by the curriculum used in their World Cultures and Geography course. Libby Hilsenrath and Nancy Gayer, whose sons were exposed to the course material, originally brought their concerns to the attention of the school board. Instead of an actual investigation, Hilsenrath charges that those concerns were disregarded. After the meeting, the mothers were denounced in the community and on social media as racist, xenophobic, hateful and Islamophobic. This is the way Islam infects its host

Ayodeji Samuel NG Observer (22 days 13 hours ago)

Israel is original owner of Jerusalem in all history. Palestine is alien nation, opportunist who took advantage of the sin of Israel against God. Now Israel is back to God by Covenant made to Ancestor, King David, son of Jesse. Therefore I vote for Israel [Jerusalem is capital of Israel]

Bad Omen For Arabs GB Observer (23 days 27 minutes ago)

This Wednesday evening, a rare confluence of astronomical events resulting in a “super blue blood moon” will accompany the beginning of an auspicious day of the Hebrew calendar, which is Tu B’Shvat (the 15th day of the month of Shvat). This astronomical phenomenon is described by the Prophet Joel as preceding days of judgment. “Before the great and terrible day of Hashem comes, I will set portents in the sky and on earth: Blood and fire and pillars of smoke.” Joel 3:3 (The Israel Bible™)

Jesus/God Loves Zionist Israel MX Observer (23 days 2 hours ago)

The Lord of the Universe God Jesus Lives in Zionist Israel Religious Freedom, Tolerance, Coexistence, Love **** this is Zionist Israel, -***** The Land where God Lives, Want to live Happy, Free in Zionist Israel? Be a Law Abiding Citizen, Crystal Clear God ask nothing Else

@Justice GB Observer (23 days 7 hours ago)

You would not know Justice if it fell on your head. The Land belongs to the Jews its that simple. None of your lies will change that

To The Ignorant Muslim Below me MX Observer (23 days 14 hours ago)

Spare your self the embarrasment muslim Keep living in the sewers of arabia, you are beyond salvation as all your kind

Justice GB Observer (23 days 20 hours ago)

The Jews murdered Jesus so why do Christians support them? Zionist want to control the world with their evil so vote palestine

osinachi Observer (24 days 33 minutes ago)

My Lord Jesus Christ reignet all over the world even in unreachable place.... Jesus Christ is my Savior. the God that fought for Israel will always be there for us

Uzendah Philip NG Observer (24 days 1 hour ago)

God has chosen Zion as His dwelling place, and Israelites are His chosen people. Please Palistine should keep off Jerusalem. God bless Israel.

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